• Nordic Cloud & Mobile Security Forum


    26th November  |  Marriott Hotel  | Copenhagen

    Bringing together IT Security’s most forward thinking innovators

Eye in the Sky is part of the Annual Nordic Cloud & Mobile Security Forum

For the IT and Security decision maker, to deliver real business value, responsibly, across the supply chain, focus has become primarily on sourcing service providers showing a deliberate emphasis on transparency, trust and compliance. As “ IT as a Service” delivery, connected mobile workforces, big data and consumerization become increasingly important priorities for many organizations, these new operating paradigms and regulations demand that organizations adapt how they operate, govern and lead IT security initiatives.

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Topics Covered

The Business of IT Security

  • Data governance frameworks to ensure the privacy, availability, integrity and overall security of data in different cloud models
  • The Business of IT Security: How the impact and risks of transmitting information over the internet create a vast array of business challenges
  • Best Practice Cloud Risk Management and the Latest in EU Compliance
  • Adaptive Leadership and Governing against Shadow IT

Converging Technologies and Data Protection

  • The Privacy issues arising when utilizing SMAC Technologies
  •  The risks, benefits, costs and challenges of implementing a mobile enterprise
  • Hardening and Securing Cloud Applications and Infrastructure whilst maintaining innovation capability
  • Big Data and the Big Security Challenge:  Mitigating against attacks on Large Data and Intelligence Repositories

Next Generation Threats and Attacks

  •  The latest Intrusion Prevention, Intelligence and Proactive Detection tools and solutions.
  • A new age of Cyber Attacks: The Current unknown threats facing enterprise
  • The ever evolving Threat Landscape needs a different approach to Security Management
  • Protecting the Network: How to manage the risk associated with it, together with insight into advanced detection and response systems to protect against advanced and persistent attacks.


For forward thinking Security Professionals

This event targets CIOs, CISOs, CSOs, Senior IT and Information Security professionals who are under pressure to maintain and govern security responsibly whilst innovating enterprise hardened solutions to mobile and cloud security. The Nordic Cloud and Mobile Security Forum combines presentations, master case studies and Brainstorming sessions designed to bring together C-level IT and IT security professionals for knowledge development and collaborative discussion.

The Agenda

  • 08:30am - 09:15am Welcome & Registration

    Open Networking and Morning Coffee

  • 09:15-09:35 A new Age of Advanced Security Threats

    –  A new age of Cyber Threats and The Need for New Thinking

    – The Current and Future Trends:  The Known and Unknown Threats facing Enterprise Today and in the Future

    –  The need for collaboration and trust between Government, Industry and Academia to combat increasing threats

  • 09:40am - 10:05am The Implications of the new EU Data Protection Regulation

    – Harmonizing the current data protection laws in place across the EU member states.

    – The Implications of the new EU Data Protection Regulation on Enterprise
    – Privacy issues arising from the utilization of Cloud, big data+analytics and IoT.

Morning Break

  • 10:20am-10:45am Products alone can't Solve Security Problems

    – Implementing a Project Security Review Process

    – Integrating security as part of the design criteria for all procedures

    – Views on Shadow IT and Ensuring Enterprise Awareness for the Project Security Review Process

  • 10:45am-11:10am Modernizing the Security Strategy in line with The Changing Threat and Regulatory Landscape

    – How the IT landscape has changed while security has stayed the same
    – Modernizing The Security Strategy

    – Supporting compliance with best practice organizational structures

2nd Morning Break

Master Class Breakout Case Studies: Data Protection, Privacy & Compliance

  • 11:20am-11:45am The security implications of cloud computing on the business

    – Evaluating the Risks against The Business Benefits

    – The considerations that organizations should weigh when outsourcing data, applications, and infrastructure to a cloud computing environment

    – The models of service delivery and the individual security requirements and responsibilities


  • 11:50am-12:15pm Data Protection, Privacy & Agreements

    – Data Protection and Privacy in the Cloud

    – Responsibility, Regulatory Compliance and Vendor Due Diligence when Migrating to the Cloud

    – Transparency Frameworks and Best Practice Cloud Service Agreements

  • 12:20pm-12:45pm Driving Transformation and Business Alignment

    – How Security Strategy can Enable and Drive Digital Transformation

    – Privacy Concerns in the Digital World

    – Future Proofing: Building Agility to Respond to Future Threats and Aligning Security Strategy with Business Objectives

Master Class Breakout Case Studies: Digitization, Consumerization and Advanced Threats

  • 11:20am-11:45am Security in Motion

    – Evaluate the risks, benefits, costs and challenges of implementing a mobile enterprise

    – Extending the Network: The Security Implications of Mobilizing the Workforce

    – Mobile Security and Data Management in the age of Advanced Threats

  • 11:50am-12:15pm A new Age of Cyber Security

    – Insight into advanced detection and response systems to protect against specific attacks

    – Best practice mitigation utilizing the latest Intelligence and Proactive Detection tools and solutions

    – The Current and Future Threat Landscape and the Impact on Enterprise Security Strategy

  • 12:20pm-12:45pm Cyber Threat Intelligence

    – Analysis techniques and capabilities that can be used to properly create and maintain Cyber Threat Intelligence

    –  How to detect and respond to some of the most sophisticated threats targeting your networks

    –  Updating security programs and defenses to deal with increasingly sophisticated advanced persistent threats.

Open Networking Lunch

Innovation Showcase

  • 13:45-14:15 Innovation Competition

    The Innovation Showcase Fast Pitch is a 3 minute presentation from 10 of some of the most innovative young companies in the Cyber Security Industry.

Afternoon Break

Innovation Showcase

  • 14:45-14:30 Innovation Competition Results

    A winner of the innovation showcase shall be announced

2nd Afternoon Break

Breakout Brainstorming Session

  • 15:00pm-16:30pm Round Table Sessions and Brainstorming

    Hosted round table sessions focused on thought leadership, brainstorming and discussion.

Breakout Brainstorming Session

  • 15:00pm-16:30pm Round Table Sessions and Brainstorming

    Hosted round table sessions focused on thought leadership, brainstorming and discussion.

  • 16:30-17:00 Final Thoughts

    A round up of thoughts on the topics of the day with leading Security Professionals, in an open question and answer style format.

End of Forum

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Venue: Marriott Hotel

Address: Kalvebod Brygge 5, 1560 København, Denmark

Experience a blend of style and substance at the Copenhagen Marriott Hotel. Enjoy stylish suites and harbor views here in the heart of Copenhagen

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