February 16th  |  PwC Global  | Stockholm

    Bringing together IT Security’s most forward thinking innovators

Don’t miss John McAfee @ 6th Annual Nordic Cloud & Mobile Security Forum

John McAfee will be giving a keynote at the 6th Annual Nordic Cloud & Mobile Security Forum in Sweden Stockholm on the 16th February. John will take to the stage to discuss “Why Cloud Computing as we know it will become obsolete”. Take part in the future of security brainstorming sessions and interactive panel discussions with the world’s security visionary, anti virus pioneer and prolific disruptor.

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Topics Covered

The Business of IT Security

  • Identity and Access Management: Containing and mitigating against threats both inside and outside the organisation
  • How the impact and risks of transmitting information over the internet create a vast array of business challenges
  • Cloud Risk Management and the Latest in Cloud and EU Compliance
  • Adaptive Leadership and Governing against Shadow IT

Converging Technologies and Data Protection

  • The Privacy issues arising when utilizing SMAC Technologies
  •  The risks, benefits, costs and challenges of implementing a mobile enterprise
  • Hardening and Securing Cloud Applications and Infrastructure whilst maintaining innovation capability
  • Big Data and the Big Security Challenge: Mitigating against attacks on Large Data and Intelligence Repositories

Next Generation Threats and Attacks

  • Security Analytics, Real Time Threat Detection, Intrusion Prevention, Intelligence tools and solutions.
  • A new age of Cyber Attacks: The Current  know and unknown threats facing enterprise
  • The ever evolving Threat Landscape needs a different approach to Security Management
  • Protecting the Network: How to manage the risk associated with it, together with insight into advanced detection and response systems to protect against advanced and persistent attacks.


For forward thinking Security Professionals Trust is the number one commodity

This event targets CIOs, CISOs, CSOs, Senior IT and Information Security professionals who are under pressure to maintain and govern security responsibly whilst innovating enterprise hardened solutions to mobile and cloud security. The Nordic Cloud and Mobile Security Forum combines presentations, master case studies and brainstorming sessions designed to bring together C-level IT and IT security professionals for knowledge development and collaborative discussion.

Inspiring Keynote Speakers

John McAfee – Pioneer of the Anti Virus Industry

Andy Jones CISO Maersk Nordic Cloud and Mobile Security Forum

Andy Jones – CISO@Maersk Line

Rasmus Theede – Chairman of the Board@Danish Digital Security Council

The Agenda (hover mouse over blocks for details)

  • 08:00am - 08:45am Registration

    Open Networking and Morning Coffee

  • 08:45am - 09:00am PwC and Nordic IT Welcome: Nordic Security Threat Overview and Emerging Security Threats in a Digital Era
  • 09:00am - 09:40am The Future of Cloud and Why the Datacenter will Become Obsolete as we know it - John McAfee Pioneer of the Anti Virus Industry

    John Mcafee,  Antivirus Pioneer, US Presidential Candidate and Tech Entrepreneur will discuss and address how Blockchain as a disruptive technology will effect the cloud services and security industry.

  • 09:45am - 10:15am The Myths of Cyber - Rasmus Theede Chairman of the Board Danish Digital Security Council

    There has never been more focus on cyber security and as security professionals we love that. However even as we are masters of technological innovation, we tend to be less progressive when it comes to how we overall think about and address cyber threats. Are we out-smarted by the cyber criminals, that knows exactly how we think? In “the myth of cyber” we challenge our mindsets and look at some of the myths of cyber carried by both cyber professionals, modern orgnizations and the media.

  • 10:15am - 10:45am The current and future challenges of a CISO - Andy Jones CISO Maersk Line

    Andy Jones CISO Maersk Line
    – What new skills are required for an effective security professional and what does this all mean for the role of the CISO?
     – The Top 3 major threats facing a CISO in today’s connected world
    –  How may the role of a CISO change in the future

Morning Break

Masterclass Sessions (hover mouse over blocks for details)

  • 11:00am-11:30am Data protection in a cloud-first world - Neil Thacker, CISSP, CEH & OPST is Deputy CISO at Forcepoint

    • Why data protection is critical in a cloud-first world
    • How to mature a data protection strategy with shared ownership
    • Apply a mature GRC model to manage cloud data flows

  • 11:30am-12:00pm Don’t let your employees become your biggest security threat in 2017

    Ransomware- and phishing attacks against employees continue to be effective weapons for the hackers. This combined with the fact that employees are increasingly using cloud services like Dropbox to store and share data puts your organization at risk of both data breaches and data leakage.

    Good intentions are not enough. So how do you maintain control and security of your data to keep your business safe? Good intentions are simply not enough. Join this workshop as we share best practices and tools to help prevent your employees becoming a security threat in 2017.

    We will cover:

     The current threat landscape – what role does the employees have?

     Shadow IT – how to cast light on your shadow IT without reducing employee productivity

     Ransomware – how to defend against this dreaded attack

     Strong authentication – don’t let your employee’s weak passwords become your Achilles heel

     The good user experience – is it possible to increase security and get happier employees in the process?

  • 12:00Pm-12:30pm Stop mobile attacks before they start and hit you - Joakim Wiling, Head of Mobile Security Nordics, BeNeLux and Baltics at Check Point Software Technologies

    • Mobile devices, criminals smoothest way to your network and data
    • Why anti-virus and app reputation solutions are not strong enough
    • Prevention of threats via SMS phishing, voice calls, fake apps, public Wi-Fi hotspots and malware
    • Get one step ahead of threats to benefit from a secure mobile workforce

  • 12:30pm-13:00pm Security as an enabler to digital transformation

    • How do we regain the insight in our environments? We have lost much insight in how our IT operations and security is operated and more importantly how it is performing.
    • With the relentless move to cloud platforms, being a private or public one, or perhaps even a hybrid, we stand to lose even more visibility and control in our day 2 day and strategic operations.
    • What do enterprises need to do to regain control ? How have Qualys customers taken on this challenge?

    In this presentation we aim to help you see a path forward, and roads into the near and distant future of your IT infra and asset management, and how Qualys can be of paramount support in this quest.

Open Networking Lunch

Round Table Session

  • 14:00pm-14:40pm People Process, Technology: Shadow IT, uncertified cloud applications and data flows

    Discuss the use of cloud applications by the organisations workforce and the necessary controls required to enable and protect the business.  The discussion will include steps to identify shadow IT, uncertified cloud applications and data flows that represent a risk to the organisation.  The discussion will include steps to take to set urgency and build a coalition that will utilise people, process and technology to establish a more robust cloud strategy.  Examples of best practice metrics, incident risk ranking and emergence of insider threat visibility will be shared amongst participants.

    Moderator: Neil Thacker, CISSP, CEH & OPST is Deputy CISO at Forcepoint

Round Table Session

  • 14:00pm-14:40pm As we move deeper into a digital way of life and work is a potential breach inevitable (and is it really??)

    – As we move deeper into a digital way of life and work is a potential breach inevitable (and is it really??). Should we be shifting our strategy to focus on early detection and proactive prevention? What role does the end-user / consumer play? – How can we be « digitally » innovating whilst still keeping things visible and controllable? – Why does security leadership enable innovation? What is the adequate security to enable the digital objectives of the Business? What role does a security leader play in a digital transformation?

Round Table Session

  • 14:00pm-14:40pm How do you securely enable a mobile workforce?

    You already know that cybercrime and espionage are on the rise, and that security breaches can cripple your organization and damage your brand and reputation. What you may not realize is that standard security solutions are not strong enough for mobile devices and apps in the workplace. Around the table we will discuss:

    • The major threats to enterprise mobile security
    • Why mobile security solutions must detect new malware and vulnerabilities in networks, operating systems, and apps
    • Best practices for stopping mobile attacks before they start

    Moderator: Joakim Wiling, Head of Mobile Security Nordics, BeNeLux and Baltics at Check Point Software Technologies

Round Table Session

  • 14:00pm-14:40pm Defining a winning cloud security strategy for 2017

    Defining a winning cloud security strategy for 2017
    Our discussion will be guided by the following questions:

    • How do you ensure visibility into which cloud apps (santioned and non-sanctioned) are used within your organization today?
    • How do you use this visibility to control positive outcomes and prevent bad outcomes?
    • How do you get visibility into where your cloud data is stored so you can better comply with the GDPR?

Afternoon Break

Interactive Panel Discussion

  • 15:00pm -15:45pm End User Thought Leaders Panel Discussion: Privacy

    End User Thought Leaders Panel Discussion: Operational Impact of GDPR: Privacy, Compliance and Enforcement. Liability in the face of a data breach and/or fraud – who’s liable and to what extent, what are the potential costs to the organization, what are the regulations concerning this in Sweden and Europe and what can organisations can do to ensure the protection of their data

5 mins Break

SP Panel Discussion

  • 15:45pm -16:15pm SP Thought Leaders Panel Discussion: Blockchain is coming to disrupt your Industry - The Future of the Security Industry

    The key attributes of the technology include the following: Security, Transparency,  Privacy and Risk. To avoid disruptive surprises or missed opportunities, we investigate applications of the technology and the impact on cloud services, cyber attacks, privacy and risk.

End of Forum

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Address: Torsgatan 21, 113 97 Stockholm, Sweden

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